The details of each ride (date, start time, destination etc) are posted on the ARC Forum … this is where to go to learn what rides are coming up or to share your own ride plans. Based on recent ARC ride history it is reasonable for you to expect to see rides scheduled on most week days (early) and certainly on Saturdays and Sundays when the usual start time is 6.30am. The common destinations and total distances for our rides are Blackrock (44km), Mordialloc (66km), Sassafras(70km) and Frankston (100km). The default starting point for rides is the Ashburton Railway Station car park (West/City side of the track) unless otherwise stated. Please refer to the bottom of the page for the latest forum information.

A coffee stop is a feature of most rides, currently that is typically in the Carnegie shopping strip (for Beach Rd Rides) and The Basin (for rides in the Dandenongs). However, lots of flexibility can be exercised depending on the many variables such as weather, family commitments etc.

In addition to the ‘usual’ ride schedule there is typically lots of interest in the main organised recreational rides in Victoria such as, Around the Bay in a Day and Amy’s Grand Fondo. There are also some or the ARC riders who participate in racing with the Carnegie Caufield Club, the Eastern Vets and Southern Vets clubs.

You are very welcome to join in on a ride. Please note that all riders taking part in these rides do so at their own risk. Accidents can and do occur. We condone safe and legal riding practices and recommend you always wear a helmet, use lights when appropriate, and abide by local road rules and regulations. Any of the bunch/group rides found on or via this website and the ARC Forum site are used at the participants own risk.

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Weekday Rides

You are welcome to join us on weekday rides, which leave at 6am from the city side of Ashburton station (generally fast) or 5:55am (gentler pace) from Darling station. Both of these groups end back in Carnegie at the same time, round about 7:05 to 7:15, Where we stop for coffee at Fig Jam. The great thing about this route is if you are dropped by the group you can always cut the corner before Black Rock.