Principles for ARC Bunch Rides

For an enjoyable and safe ride with an ARC bunch the following principles should be courteously followed:

• If on the front you are the eyes of the bunch – warn of traffic or hazards ahead.
• If last outside rider, warn of traffic behind.
• Always check intersections/roundabouts for traffic.
• If changing the route, warn the bunch well ahead.
• Listen for shouts and watch for hand signals.
• Don’t half wheel your partner; keep your handlebars even with theirs.
• Don’t surge, it’s tiring and causes gaps.
• Watch the rider in front, not just their back wheel.
• Maintain your pace and your separation.
• Merge left rider behind right if single file called.
• Ride side by side and use up one whole lane.
• Don’t abandon a puncture or other mechanical victim until they can cope.
• Don’t brake suddenly, it shocks the rider behind and you could end up wearing them.
• Don’t use aero bars, ‘bunny hop’ or leave gaps.
• Take sadly inevitable corrections with a smile.
• Lastly, be tolerant, responsible and supportive.

If there is a bike lane do I have to use it?

Yes, unless that’s not a practical option. For example, if the lane is blocked.

Can cars enter bike lanes?
Can bike riders overtake to the left of a vehicle that is turning left?

No. You must not overtake a vehicle on the left if it is turning left and indicating left.

Do bike riders have to give way at roundabouts?

Yes. Before entering a roundabout, you must give way to other vehicles already on it. When on a roundabout, you must give way to other vehicles leaving it.

What can I be fined for?
Do bike riders have to give way to pedestrians?

Bike riders must give way to pedestrians who are crossing on the road they are turning into, even if there are no pedestrian lights or they are not green. Bike riders also have to give way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings, as well as on shared paths and footpaths.

What's a safe way to turn right at an intersection?

If you want to turn right at an intersection, doing a hook turn is often a safer option. Bike riders can do a hook turn at any intersection unless a sign prohibits it.

How much space should motorists leave when overtaking bikes?

When overtaking a bike, car drivers should keep at least a metre clear, and more than that if going over 60 km/h.

How can I avoid being 'doored'?
Can I use a mobile phone while riding my bike?
Can I take my bike on a train?

You can. But you must not board at the first door of the first carriage – you’ll get in the way of people using wheelchairs and mobility scooters. If you have a folding bike, you can board at any door. You must not block the doorway of the train or ride your bike on the platform.

Can I take my bike on a bus or tram?

You cannot take your bike on a bus or tram unless it is a folding bike. For more information, visit the Public Transport Victoria website.

Where can I park my bike?

You can park your bike on a footpath as long as it’s not in the way and you are not breaking any local laws. If you are allowed to park, use a bike rack or rail if there is one available. But you cannot park at all where there is a ‘No Parking’ sign or similar.

Is it illegal to ride a bike if you're drunk or have taken drugs?

It’s not only dangerous to ride your bike if you’re drunk or drug-affected – it’s also against the law.