The membership is only open to active riders who have ridden with ARC within the past six months. You are welcome to join ARC rides but you may not initially be granted access to the membership if you do not fit the required criteria. This is because the website now includes personal identity information, which must be protected.

At the bottom of the page, is recent topics. This will provide you with the information about upcoming rides and times. You can also learn more on the about tab.


Code of Conduct

Participation in the ARC rides is open to anyone. ARC seeks to be inclusive of, and helpful to all riders on the ARC list, and it welcomes male and female cyclists of differing abilities.
As ARC activities increase in popularity and we further develop our identity and team spirit through club rides, participation in cycling events, and by way of our ARC jerseys, we must acknowledge and accept our community responsibilities and the reputation of our corporate sponsors. Therefore, to assist our riders with living up to these responsibilities, ARC has chosen to adhere to the Cyclist Code of Conduct published by VicRoads.
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