Principles for ARC Bunch Rides

For an enjoyable and safe ride with an ARC bunch the following principles should be courteously followed:

· Always check intersections/roundabouts for traffic.
· Always warn the riders behind of hazards.
· Don’t use aero bars, ‘bunny hop’ or leave gaps.
· Don’t abandon a puncture or other mechanical victim until they can cope.
· Don’t brake suddenly, it shocks the rider behind and you could end up wearing them.
· Don’t half wheel your partner; keep your handlebars even with theirs.
· Don’t surge, it’s tiring and causes gaps.
· If changing the route, warn the bunch well ahead.
· If on the front, warn of traffic ahead.
· If last outside rider, warn of traffic behind.
· Listen for shouts and watch for hand signals.
· Maintain your pace and your separation.
· Merge left rider behind right if single file called.
· Ride side by side and use up one whole lane.
· Watch the rider in front, not just their back wheel.
· Take sadly inevitable corrections with a smile.
· Lastly, be tolerant, responsible and supportive.