The time is nigh! Spoke to Tommy @ Tineli and all the kit should be in the mail this evening!

If your order (pre-shipping) was more than $200 then you’ll receive an extra pair of socks for free. If your order was more than $400 you’ll receive 2 extra pairs of socks.

I will have extra socks and a small number of other clothing items. Will publish after I receive all the ‘top up orders’ from Tineli.

Thanks for your patience!

Yes, finally, the ARC Kit Store is open for 2018!

The ARC Store will open tomorrow, Sunday 4th March, and will remain open for 3 weeks until Sunday 25th March. No orders after that date!!
Tineli, our kit supplier, make to order. Orders will be collated on the 26th March. Any minimum order quantity issues (ie insufficient orders of an item) will be sorted. Manufacturing and shipping will take 4-6 weeks after Store close.
All items will be mailed directly. There is an additional charge for postage but you’ll get your kit home delivered.
New items this season:

  • ¾ bibs – full ARC printing, standard lycra
  • Winter tights – full ARC printing, roubaix fabric
  • Gloves – ARC logo
  • Socks – ARC logo, 2 variants; white and blue
  • Sun sleeves – ARC printed, lightweight SPF protection sleeves
    Tip: Winter is coming!
  • Every year, mid-winter, someone says “I wish I’d bought a LS jersey (or jacket or arm warmer, or tights). Think ahead!
    Tip: Be a ‘Named’ Rouleur!
  • Been challenged trying to remember the name of the rider in front of you while doing rolling turns? Problem solved!
  • The nickname will now be printed in 2 spots – front of jersey (breast pocket position) and the back pocket.
  • Anybody planning to join rides that do rolling turns (pretty mich everything really) should opt for the nickname option!
    Tip: Get something free – Socks!
  • If your order is more than $200 you’ll get one pair of socks
  • If your order is more than $400 you’ll get 2 pair of socks
    Tip: Check the sizing chart!
  • The design and manufacturing has not changed. However, please check the sizing charts, especially for items you haven’t order before.
  • Some items are missing sizing charts and this is being corrected.
    Tip: Long legs, short arms?
  • Don’t forget sizing adjustments; body length, longer/shorter sleeves or legs.

Any complaints please send a return, self addressed, envelope to ‘The Complaints Department’, Uzbekistan.

Any questions, post here. Follow the KIT link on the top menu.

Thanks and get ordering!

The Quartermaster (aka Rusty)